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Kalamay Ube Recipe

Kalamay Ube Recipe

Kalamay Ube Recipe
Kalamay Ube Recipe Preparation

This Kalamay Ube Recipe is not hard in order to make since it employs similar ingredients you employ utilizing the regular Kalamay as well as the only thing you need to add is the Grated Ube. It gives the result that is same with Ube as added flavor. Since brown sugar has a strong color that can impact any meal, white sugar ought to be used in the place of it so the ensuing color is of ube. You may also include more food color to include vibrancy to this native sweet.

Kalamay Ube
Kalamay Ube Recipe
Ube Kalamay Recipe


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The Philippines is happy with the numerous native candies from its numerous provinces. One Filipino indigenous sweet which deserves more applause is Kalamay (Calamay). Kalamay is really a gluey and super sweet rice dessert made from coconut milk, brown sugar, and ground rice that is glutinous.

Author: Pilipinas Recipes Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 1 hour Total Time: one hour 10 minutes Yield: 10 Category: Dessert Cuisine: Filipino
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2 packs frozen ube
1 field mochiko (sweet rice flour)
4 cups white sugar
2 cans coconut milk
1 tsp vanilla
banana leaves
latik (cook coconut milk gradually until all oil is removed and latik is created)

How to make ube kalamay

Thaw frozen ube. Make latik. Wilt each banana leaf brush with coconut then oil.
In large wok, mix thawed ube with coconut milk, mochiko, sugar, vanilla and a coconut oil that is little.
Stir while cooking. (place more oil that is coconut tablespoonfuls if needed to stop sticking.)
Keep stirring until mixture is quite thick. Put in pan lined with wilted banana leaves.
Flatten batter by hand employing a bit of oiled banana leaf.
In the event that you don’t feel stirring for quite some time, you'll place somewhat thickened mixture in baking pan and bake in 350°F range 15 to 20 moments.
Cool and score prepared ube in diagonal shapes and place latik over the top.

Pour coconut cream in a nonstick skillet over medium heat that is low. Keep it be for about 25 minutes. It will boil, keep it alone. If the sides are browning, offer it a stir. Turn heat lower. Keep it alone once again. When the majority of it is brown, turn off the warmth and allow recurring heat cook brown the coconut solids. It will brown very fast at the conclusion. Ought to be a light brown color (I burned mine only a little).